Water in Focus at Dwr Cymru Welsh Water's Innovation Event

Dwr Cymru have held their annual Innovation event for the last number of years, and it was clear from the 400 individuals in attendance on January 31st that innovation is key to Welsh Water delivering their 2050 Operational Visions.

The theme of this years event was 'Resilience through innovation' and it is positive to see that Dwr Cymru are focusing on resilience across their services, from creating smart networks through the deployment of thousands of new monitors to enhancing customer engagement to reduce consumption and improve efficiency.


Of interest to the Dwr Uisce team, their continued investment in renewable energy and their openness to undertaking research was evident as their collaborations with a number of Universities and research institutes in the UK were presented in the afternoon workshop sessions.

Dwr Cymru Welsh Water have ambitious plans for the future, we hope that our Dwr Uisce energy recovery work can feed into these future plans for Wales.