Dŵr Uisce has a new team member! Say hello to Andrew.

Dr Andrew Norton

Dr Andrew Norton

Dr Andrew Norton specializes in developing transparent Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) methods and has worked on renewable materials R&D for over 15 years. During which time he has assessed a wide range of industrial, agricultural and forest based systems, from food commodities to high-tech materials. He has enjoyed working with and advising the likes of Imperial College, Lotus Engineering, the World Bank, DEFRA and UPM Tillhill.

As well as leading the development of LCA and Building Information Modelling (BIM) tools for the CAP’EM (Cycle Assessment Procedure for Eco-Materials) Project, he is also kept busy producing and verifying EPDs (Environmental Product Declarations) for a wide range of commercial clients. He advises the European Commission in regards to the production of the PEF (Product Environmental Footprint) category rules and sits on the British Standards Institution (BSI) committee for sustainable and bio-materials.

Andrew joins the Dŵr Uisce team as a Research Officer, based at the Bangor University. As a highly regarded LCA practitioner and consultant experienced in sustainable materials, Andrew will be a valuable asset to the project.

A very warm welcome, Andrew, from the entire Dwr Uisce team!