How a project like Dwr Uisce could become a venture spin out? Innovation and commercialisation activities

We plan to exploit the opportunities emerging from the Dŵr Uisce research through the establishment of a cross-border spin-out venture. This could provide expert training and consultancy services focused on the deployment of the technology platforms. In order to explore that ambition further, during the late 2018, we coordinated a project with students from the Postgraduate Certificate in Creative Thinking, Innovation and Entrepreneurship with the Tangent Trinity's Ideas Workspace. The student team looked at potential avenues towards and characteristics of a future venture. Their thought-provoking presentation and well-written report delivered valuable insights.  They gave us a solid steer as we think about a new-venture formation and positioning. Specifically, we now have a good idea of potential collaborators and strategic choices. We thank again both the student team and academic coordinators at Tangent for the opportunity to work together on this critical activity.