Installation of the DWHR demonstrator at Penrhyn Castle has started

The installation of the drain water heat recovery system at the kitchen drain at Penrhyn Castle, Wales, has started. Three different configurations of the system will be tested, the expected heating savings for the kitchen range from 25-38%.

The drainage drops from the tea room kitchen on the floor above, through the coal yard into the sewer system. At a 2m drop through the coal yard, the drain pipe is replaced by two copper heat exchangers. One of them will serve to preheat the feed water, similar to traditional heat recovery from showers. The second one will heat a recirculating loop, in order to address mismatches between hot water demand in the kitchen, and the availability of hot drain water.


The works are performed by Askews, the final touches will be put on the system on Friday February 1st.

Visits will start in the Summer of 2019.