Visit to Cully Automation Ltd.

Biswajit Basu (professor in Civil Engineering School at Trinity College Dublin), Irene Fernandes (Postdoctorate of our project) and Nilki Weerawardana (PhD researcher in Smart water networks control) visited Cully Automation in Leixlip, Ireland.

Cully Automation Ltd is an innovative company which offers a wide range of services from design and installation of primary measurement equipment to large scale process automation. They work closely with Irish water in remotely monitoring water networks for any leakage or anomalies.

 David Cully (Operations Director) took the Dwr Uisce team on a visit to see their existing monitoring water networks and leakage reducing technologies. Cully provided us with great insights on their operations management, and we also discussed how we can collaborate further through the Dwr Uisce project.

 At Cully’s facilities there are test networks with predefined leaks. In her PhD research, Nilki plans to implement new control algorithm that can be deployed and tested at Cully’s water networks to see if leakage reduction occurs. The deployment of Nilki’s new algorithms is scheduled to happen at the end of 2019.

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David Cully and Dwr Uisce team discussed about the potential for future joint funded projects. William Lynch from Cully Automation pitched at the 2018 Dwr Uisce conference and made contacts through our smart specialisation cluster. This industry academic collaboration is very promising for both Trinity College Dublin and Cully Automation and we are very happy to have them on board!