Andrew, Nathan & Isabel attend ESIPP Symposium "Rethinking our Energy Future: Collaboration & Integration"

The Energy Systems Integration Partnership Programme (ESIPP) ran a symposium on the 30th of November in an attempt to share their perspectives on current and future energy problems and solutions. The event was split between an extensive poster display, eight presentations and a panel discussion on targets for 2030 and the role of energy systems integration.

The symposium was very well attended by both academics and industry representatives, further displaying the drive towards bridging the gap between academia and industry to generate energy solutions. This is a theme that sits well with the Dŵr Uisce project, which is why attending events such as this is so useful, as synergies can be nurtured towards achieving meaningful collaborations.   

Though ESIPP touches on many themes that cross over with Dŵr Uisce, it has particular relevance to our project in the form of their work package on the water-energy nexus, which has performed a great deal of research on waste water treatment plants. It was great to see so many other people academically invested in this area and has opened up possibilities of sharing knowledge and data across the two projects.