Water-Energy Nexus

There is significant scope to improve energy efficiency in the distribution of water resources in Ireland and Wales, which can benefit two key stakeholders groups: water companies (suppliers) and water consumers (end-users). The water-energy nexus is interconnected and Dwr Uisce is addressing this challenge from a number of different perspectives: technological solutions; regional assessments; measuring efficiency; and examining future water security.

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Our work will quantify the regional potential for energy recovery in the Ireland-Wales region, identify best practice and set goals to maximise energy recovery, provide technologies to achieve this goal, and ensure future-proofing is considered for a changing climate. Our work can help generate jobs and boost the economy, provide environmental savings through energy recovery, as well as deliver low-carbon solutions to ensure a more sustainable future.

Technological Solutions

We will demonstrate micro-hydropower and drain water heat recovery systems technologies and adopt smart network controls to maximise energy recovery potential.


Measuring Efficiency

Through auditing and benchmarking, we will examine methods for measuring energy efficiency in water networks and highlight best practice based on the research findings.


Regional Assessments

Quantifying the regional potential of energy recovery through out technological solutions will help quantify the economic and environmental impacts and reach of our work.


Future Water Security

We wish to ensure that future changes in climate and how that affects our water supply will impact on energy demands and energy recovery in the water sector.

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