2nd Annual Dŵr Uisce Water–Energy Innovation: Conference Schedule

2nd Annual Dŵr Uisce Water–Energy Innovation - Copy.jpg

Download the programme here. Registration will open at 8.30 am, with refreshments available to connect with exhibitors.

The conference will formally begin at 09.30am and a series of morning and afternoon sessions with talks from a range of organisations on water and energy savings, and will close at 3.30pm. In addition, coffee and lunch breaks will take place in the showcase venue with technology providers and consultancy businesses offering services to support participants in achieving water and energy savings.



Participants in this conference will represent different public and private sectors in Ireland and Wales, ranging from small enterprises to large industry and public authorities, and representing different sectors - from food and drink, agriculture and hospitality and further afield.

The focus will be upon Water–Energy Innovation updates relating to the topics of the project (microhydropower recovery, heat recovery, LCA, climate change, auditing and benchmarking, smart networks control) and much more. We will also focus and promote the connection of direct and new partners of our project through the smart specialisation cluster.

Due to the multi-sectoral list of attendees, the conference format will incorporate specialist sessions. The event will address the water-energy nexus focusing on innovation in three ways:

  1. Innovation  opportunities: Trends, innovation and opportunities in the water and energy recovery industry, network, will be discussed by lead industry talks.

  2. Innovation in Practice: Project partners from the Water, Energy and Food sector will discuss how energy recovery and technology platforms developed by Dwr Uisce can be deployed in their industrial/production contexts.

  3. Demonstrating Learning: We will present hurdles, advances and future plans to achieve success with our demonstration sites in Blackstairs Group Water Scheme in Ireland, and Penhryn Castle with the National Trust in Wales. Business and collaboration perspectives will be discussed between practicioners and researchers to enlighten participants about innovation in practice to impact positively both the water and energy sectors.

The event has been developed by representatives from the three partner academic institutes, to welcome participants, outline the day and provide some closing remarks for the event.