Our Cluster

Our smart specialisation cluster is a network of organizations from Ireland and Wales with a contribution to delivering a more energy efficient water sector. The cluster is open to all types of organizations, businesses, and public and private sector bodies. We created an action learning network, and we will include activities that stimulate innovation in the sector with regular meetings, networking sessions and an annual conference. This network will develop new innovative supply relationships between HEIs and industry in the region. Our objective within Dŵr Uisce is to facilitate contribution to the project activities and uptake of the findings of the project by the water industry, to raise public awareness of the work being carried out by the Dŵr Uisce project in relation to the water-energy challenge.

Cluster Organisations in Ireland-Wales region

The success of the project is supported by a large number of organisations who support the objectives of sustainability in the water-energy nexus across our region. These organisations contribute to our smart specialisation cluster, sharing knowledge and expertise to maximise the impact of the project. Here, we present the organizations that make up the Dŵr Uisce cluster. 

Cluster Organisations outside Ireland-Wales region

In addition to the organisations in the Ireland-Wales region, the Dwr Uisce project will connect with businesses, reseaerchers and technology experts working in the water-energy nexus outside the region to share best practice and help support the development Ireland an Wales as leaders in energy recovery in the water sector. The success of the project relies on learning from other sectors both within and outside the region, therefore we acknoledge and value the input from external organisations to delivering improved energy efficiency for our water sector.


Team: Prof. Paul Coughlan, Szu-Hsin Wu, Dr Katrin Dreyer-Gibney