Installation of the DWHR demonstrator at Penrhyn Castle has started

The installation of the drain water heat recovery system at the kitchen drain at Penrhyn Castle, Wales, has started. Three different configurations of the system will be tested, the expected heating savings for the kitchen range from 25-38%.

The drainage drops from the tea room kitchen on the floor above, through the coal yard into the sewer system. At a 2m drop through the coal yard, the drain pipe is replaced by two copper heat exchangers. One of them will serve to preheat the feed water, similar to traditional heat recovery from showers. The second one will heat a recirculating loop, in order to address mismatches between hot water demand in the kitchen, and the availability of hot drain water.


The works are performed by Askews, the final touches will be put on the system on Friday February 1st.

Visits will start in the Summer of 2019.

2nd Annual Dwr Uisce Water–Energy Innovation #dwruisce2018: what do you need to know!

We are approaching the date of our Annual Conference! We are looking forward to see you there. This email summarizes a few things you need to know about the day! Live news for this event can be followed using the hashtag #dwruisce2018 on google.

  1. Conference venue: google maps.

  2. Are you an exhibitor? Would you like to bring any promotional materials? Let our team know so we can try to accommodate your needs. Let us know by 15th October what would you like to bring.

  3. Conference programmehere.

  4. We will also have 10 intersectoral 2-minutes pitches including:

  • Blue BreadBoard

  • BringIttotheLab

  • Cully Automation

  • Bangor University (Dwr Uisce): 1. Climate change & 2. Water industry benchmarking

  • H2Ozone

  • RPS

  • ShowerSave

  • Trinity College Dublin (REDAWN)

  • University College Dublin: ESIPP (Energy Systems Integration Partnership Programme (ESIPP)

        5. WIFI: If you need wifi access sign the wifi sheet during registration and get your unique access code.

        6. During the event companies attending will be invited to sign a registration form.  This is important for us so that we can report to our funding agency you were at our event. This form may also serve as a registration step for eligible companies to become official members of our network. As such, they can enjoy a range of benefits from our events and research. Visit our website for more info and eligibility criteria.

        7. Not coming? Let us know. It is a free event and we have a waiting list of people waiting a place to attend.

To follow live news of our events google the hashtag: #dwruisce2018.


Thank you!

Dwr Uisce team 



2nd Annual Dwr Uisce Water–Energy Innovation #dwruisce2018

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