Environmental Savings through Energy Recovery Solutions

The environmental impact of water services in Ireland and Wales will be assessed through life cycle assessment (LCA). This work will evaluate the energy and resource requirements, and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions associated with water supply, use in homes and businesses, and disposal. This work will complement the benchmarking work as differences in the carbon footprint of water supply are expected in both regions. Consideration of water use, including domestic water heating, will highlight wider opportunities for environmental efficiency savings throughout the life cycle of water. This will highlight hot-spots to which efficiency measures can be effectively targeted.

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Environmental impact of providing water services

Quantifying the environmental costs associated with extraction, treatment, distribution and disposal of water through its cycle.


Energy efficiency and energy recovery in life cycle of water

The recovery of energy from water and waste water streams can contribute to lowering energy bills and improving the overall energy efficiency of a network.


Energy savings translated as greenhouse gas emissions

Carbon or greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are a form of currency that is globally recognised to contribute to climate change. These savings can contribute to water utility carbon accounting goals for emission reductions.