Economic Benefits of Energy Recovery in Region

Generating a market share in the Irish and Welsh economies for energy recovery technologies will have a number of economic benefits, from the development and deployment of new and smart, low-carbon technologies, generating jobs through a service for the installation and maintenance of these systems, and financial savings for domestic and commercial customers. This will help the region become a world leader in energy recovery, an area of energy efficiency that is only now gaining sufficient attention a local and national scales.

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New, smart and low-carbon technology developed in the region

Embracing life cycle assessment during the design process of these energy recovery technologies will deliver systems that have a circular economy perspective and support a sustainable future.


Job creation for new market opportunities in energy recovery

Energy recovery exists in all domestic and commercial properties, therefore the potential of supporting this sector can generate hundreds of permanent jobs in the region.


Financial savings for domestic and commercial customers

Job creation and manufacturing this technology in the region will reduce energy waste and saving homeowners and businesses such as SMEs both money and energy. This can reduce the risk of energy poverty in the future as water and energy prices continue to increase.