Eco-design of Energy Recovery Systems

Taking a life cycle approach to developing the technology platforms that will be deployed at the demonstrations sites in the project, the resulting output will be shaped into an eco-design toolkit that provides guidance to ensure that energy recovery systems are low-carbon and resource efficient, and takes a circular economy approach to design and implementation of these technologies.

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An eco-design toolkit

The integration of eco-design concepts within the design phase of our technological solutions, and indeed taking a circular economy approach to our project as a whole, we can deliver further environmental and socio-economic benefits, and this has wider applicability to all infrastructure projects. The development of an eco-design 'toolkit' specially designed to cater for those working in the water sector, will help support carbon and resource efficiency in design, embracing a modular approach to water services of the future. The tool will promote greener materials and alternative construction or manufacturing processes, and it will be applied in the development and demonstration of our technology platforms.

We will also examine construction practices in the water distribution sector to compile general guidelines and extend the scope of the toolkit for applying eco-design of new infrastructure. This will add value to planned investments, as highlighted earlier in the strategic fit section of this proposal.