Demonstration sites

Demonstration sites are pilot scale deployments of new technology which serve as a place for interaction and learning and to expand the possibilities of early-adoption by end-users. A fundamental deliverable of the Dwr Uisce project is to develop four demonstration sites, two micro-hydropower installations and two drain water heat recovery systems, to demonstrate energy recovery using both technologies in Ireland and Wales.


Micro-hydropower demonstration sites

This demonstration site has been built and as of late April 2019 is awaiting for grid connection.

This demonstration site is now operational, and the official opening day took place on 2/5/19.

Drain water heat-recovery demonstration sites

This National Trust demonstration site at Penrhyn Castle in Wales is currently built and operational.

Drain Water Heat Recovery Site 2:  
Industrial wastewater treatment plant

This demonstration site has passed the feasibility studies phase and will be operational in Summer 2020.