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Our team in Trinity College Dublin and Bangor University, Wales, have extensive experience working with industry to provide a free assessment for saving water, energy, emissions and costs in your business! Make your business more resilient!

What we offer:

We can provide you with a minimum of six hours of business support through free consultation to:

  • Measure your current water and related energy use
  • Identify opportunities to reduce your water and energy consumption
  • Propose cost-effective solutions
  • Advise on how to improve your environmental footprint, both in your business and along your supply and demand chains

Who we are:

Isabel is happy to identify energy, water and carbon hotspots in your product’s life cycle. She has previously conducted carbon footprints for the cosmetics and detergents industry; her background is in Biotechnology.


Jan’s expertise is in making the most out of your waste water, which can still carry a lot of heat that would otherwise go down your drain. His background is in energy engineering. He has worked several years on heat recovery from municipal wastewater in Brussels’ sewer system.

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Daniele has a background in civil and mechanical engineering and is an expert in micro-hydropower generation using non-conventional turbines. The technology is applicable to either harness the potential of small rivers and lakes or to recover energy from pressurized fluids along pipes.

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Nathan can quantify your operational water and energy usage and compare it to other businesses in your field. Know where to aim for! Previously he has conducted research on analysing the performance of geothermal plants as well as the impact of smart meters. His educational background is in environmental sustainability and clean technology. 

Ana has a background with water treatment and research ans is bringing together all stakeholders and partners of our project through the smart specialisation cluster. She is responsible for the networking, business studies and relations at Dwr Uisce. Meet other companies and hear about their water story at one of our conferences or our website.

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Every business is different. We can help you with assessing all your water related processes or only parts of it. We can have a look on your water supply or only your waste water. Talk to us and we will find out together which solution makes most sense to your business!

The free consultation we offer only involves a little time from your side - no financial investment is required. Thanks to our funding we can offer this service for free for businesses in the Ireland-Wales target area. Check out here if you are located in the area. Even if you are outside, you can still join our cluster! This allows you to become part of the DŴR UISCE network with the opportunity to link and learn from similarly-challenged businesses. You will hear about technology choices, cost and carbon savings, avoid the mistakes others have made and connect with trusted suppliers.

Send us an informal request and start benefiting from our expertise, our support and our network.


Phone: +44 (0) 1248 38 3219 (Bangor) or  +353 (0) 1 896 1311 (Dublin)

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