Benchmarking of Water Networks to Deliver Efficiency

Delivering energy efficiency solutions in the water sector requires the generation of a benchmark to which companies can set goals to achieve improvements in their performance. Exploring the


Performance of the water industry

Using existing practices and guidance on benchmarking in the water sector, a cross-border benchmarking of systems, performance and practices will be carried out within the water industry. This will offer a learning-orientated benchmarking programme where Irish and Welsh water organisations will be able to compare the performance of their own utilities.


Comparing with other sectors

Work will also be extended to other public sectors where efforts for energy efficiency and innovation have been made. This will include industries such as the tourism/hospitality, other natural resource sectors such as forestry, and public buildings shall be included.


Regional performance on global platform

Finally, the benchmarking performance of the water sector in Ireland and Wales will be compared to other water companies and countries to enable similar learning from other water utilities within the EU. This will help identify exemplars of best practice in differing energy efficiency technologies or energy saving policy.